Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bees Game

Thank you Jeffy for the great seats at the Bee's game.

We went to the Bee's game the Saturday before Mother's day and to our surprise it was a double header. We sat 2nd row right by 3rd base.

Kennedy LOVED it!!

It probably helped that Marshall bought all sorts of treats, but she was so good.

Of course we had to get her a ball and a bat and to our surprise she's actually really good at hitting the ball. I think we may even have a switch hitter on our hands!!

We kept trying to get her to hit right handed but she would go back to hitting left handed!

Here is just a couple pics of our night.....

Of course you have to ride the train while your at the game. You wait for about a half hour and then you're on the train for approximately 5 min. But... the kids all LOVE it!!
I know she doesn't look so excited in this picture, but she really was!!
She had everyone around us cracking up because we would tell her to smile, so she would but she would close her eyes. We would then tell her to open her eyes and smile and she would open them so wide and not be able to smile!!!
She is quite silly!!!
Waiting for the train, Kennedy found a new joy... rolling down the hill.
And.. mom found a not so new joy... grass stains!!!

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