Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bees Game

Thank you Jeffy for the great seats at the Bee's game.

We went to the Bee's game the Saturday before Mother's day and to our surprise it was a double header. We sat 2nd row right by 3rd base.

Kennedy LOVED it!!

It probably helped that Marshall bought all sorts of treats, but she was so good.

Of course we had to get her a ball and a bat and to our surprise she's actually really good at hitting the ball. I think we may even have a switch hitter on our hands!!

We kept trying to get her to hit right handed but she would go back to hitting left handed!

Here is just a couple pics of our night.....

Of course you have to ride the train while your at the game. You wait for about a half hour and then you're on the train for approximately 5 min. But... the kids all LOVE it!!
I know she doesn't look so excited in this picture, but she really was!!
She had everyone around us cracking up because we would tell her to smile, so she would but she would close her eyes. We would then tell her to open her eyes and smile and she would open them so wide and not be able to smile!!!
She is quite silly!!!
Waiting for the train, Kennedy found a new joy... rolling down the hill.
And.. mom found a not so new joy... grass stains!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter 2011


We had a wonderful Easter this year.

Jasmine was able to sleep over Saturday so the girls were able to wake up Easter morning together to find what the Easter Bunny left them. Jamia was awesome and did both of the girls hair so they could be twinners!!

After hunting for eggs in the morning we headed to church to watch the girls perform a dance to an amazing song that reminded us of the true meaning of Easter. The children all did an awesome job! The choir was fantastic and left me with goose bumps and the sermon topped it all off. We are truly blessed to belong to such an wonderful church.

After church the children did their annual Easter egg hunt which always leaves them with tonz of eggs and even more candy!

After church we went to my parents for another Easter egg hunt and was able to hang out with the family.

It definitely was a great Easter!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Out of the mouth of Kennedy...

My Mom made a good point... I need to start writing down the funny things Kennedy says, so I thought why not share it with our friend and family
And then we will have it for our keeps.
1. Kennedy brings in a book that she had ripped. I asked her why she ripped her book, she said, "Me not rip it, Kenny did." Then she proceeds over to the hallway mirror and says, "Kenny not rip book, go to time out NOW and fold arms."
2. We didn't get home until after 9pm last night and lucky for me my Mom had already put Kennedy into her pj's so when we came into the house I told Kennedy we needed to get ready for bed. She went to the bathroom, walked in and said good night to Barb, then as she was walking to her bedroom she stopped at the hallway mirror and said, "Good night friend. I'm go take a nap. I'm tired." then she got right into bed, said her prayer and went to sleep.
(definitely LOVE these nights!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween 2010


Every year I think, how could Kennedy's Halloween costume get any cuter then last year, but Barb is AMAZING and this year her costume was BEYOND cute, sassy and fit Kennedy to a TEE. It definitely showed her personality!!!
We had a great time trick or treating with all of our cousins, visiting grand-parents and ended our night with our great friends!! I really need to get better with taking more pictures, but here are a few of Kennedy in her awesome costume!!
And, of course I had to throw in a picture of Kennedy in her BEAR'S outfit!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Please forgive me....

I know.. I know... it's been so long since I have posted anything!
We had a fun and busy summer!
At the end of July my family had rented a house on the beach in Lincoln, Orgen. The house was AMAZING and being their with my whole family was AWESOME!!
The cousins loved it, it was one huge sleep over!! We were able to go to the Aquarium, outlet malls (my favorite of course), cheese factory, and spent plenty of time on the beach!
Kennedy had so much fun building sand castles and flying kites with Grandma and Granpa Mac.
Kennedy and I also visited Aleesha and Ricard in San Diego this summer. We always have a good fun spending time with them. We went shopping and played on the beach, San Diego Zoo and played at the pool.
Kennedy is now LOVING the beach.
Kennedy turned "2" and is full of personality. Her favorite thing to do is to wear shoe (5inch heels), carry purses, sing and dance in the mirror. She is quite the diva!!
I finished summer semester and have now began Fall semester at the University of Utah.
September 14th was my sister birthday and this year my whole family went to her grave. This was the first time since she passed away that we had all gone to her grave. It was really neat to be there with everyone and share stories. I want Kennedy to know who Kristi was and what an amazing person she was!
I just got back from Kentucky visiting Pam and her kids. We went to the Equestarian Game (horse olympics) and Keenland (horse races). It was so much fun to hang out with them and just to have sometime to relax. Kennedy had a great time spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Mac. We are so lucky to have them and all the great help they are to us.
We just moved to West Jordan with my friend Barb, or as Kennedy calls her, "who who." It has been a great move and has been such a stress relief. We are very thankful to Barb and all the help she is to us.
This was really quick and I will try and get pictures loaded up next week and PROMISE to get better on my blogging.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Funny things from a 21 month old....

I can not believe its already been 21 months since Kennedy was born!!

The time goes way too fast...

She is turning into such the little girl... I guess our baby days are over!

Here are just a few things that Kennedy has done that has made us all laugh and shows how much she is learning...

1. She loves to sing her ABC's, but she really only makes it to C but she'll continue singing!

2. She will sing a song... with her eyes closed as if she's really getting into the song.

3. She LOVES..LOVES..LOVES... to dance! You put a song on, or at church when they sing she will start dancing and she loves it!!

4. She is not a morning person. She has to wake up on her terms or its not so pretty!

5. Sunday when I went to get her from her nap, she had taken off her diaper and was naked just playing in her crib. (it may be time to start potty training!!)

6. She thinks she has magical powers... she'll continue to say, "Hi" until you say hi back and when you say it back she gets so excited!!! She actually will do this to everyone and anyone!!

7. She always makes sure to include everyone.

8. She has a contagious smile that just brightens your day!

9. She loves to read!! She will just sit and read her books.
10. She is very hard headed and like to do things on her terms... And.. yes.. she does throw tantrums!!
11. She loves to wear high heels, jewelry, carry purses, make up, lip gloss... yes... yes... she is all girl!!!

We Love you Kennedy and so thankful to have you in our lives!!

Your face... Your Smile... is all that it takes.. all that it takes to humble me!!!
And.... (lol.. yes, this is our song and her favorite part is, and....!!!)